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The VIP-300H-U UltraHD 4K HDMI & USB/KM Over IP Distribution System provides UltraHD/4K video, audio, RS-232, IR, and USB distribution and matrix switching capabilities over IP networks. The VIP300H-U can be used as a point-to-point extension system supporting distances up to 390 feet (120 meters), as well as multi-signal distribution, switching, and matrix switching system using the VPX IP Video Management Software.  The VIP300H-U brings to market the only IP Video system that offers reliable signal transmission across CAT or Fiber networks. The VIP-300H-U also features convenient setup functions allowing users to easily configure video wall displays up to an 8×8 configuration.

The VIP-300H-U supports embedded HDMI, analog, and SPDIF audio and can be powered from 802.3af or higher compliant network switches. The PureStream VIP (Video over IP) product line offers feature-rich, easy to operate solutions to manage the distribution of audio, video, and more over standard IP networks. PureLink understands that the implementation of traditional A/V has added complexity when merged with IT. PureStream VIP solutions address these issues by combining reliable hardware with simplified setup, discovery, and operation.

The VIP-300H-U UltraHD 4K HDMI & USB/KVM over IP Distribution System provides UltraHD/4K video, audio, RS-232, IR, and USB distribution and matrix switching capabilities over IP networks.

Key Features
    • Supports 4K30 4:4:4 and 4K60 4:2:0 (converted to 4K30)
    • HDCP 2.2 compliant
    • Powered via 802.3af PoE
    • Near Zero Latency (1 mS)
    • High Quality proprietary PureStreamX Ultra codec
    • CAT connections standard
    • Fiber SFP+ slot for optional modules
    • Built-in video wall function (up to 8×8 configuration)
    • Create any combination of display areas across a videowall
    • USB 2.0 (KM)
    • Bidirectional RS232 and IR
    • Infrared remote control channel selection
    • LED channel display
    • Digital and analog audio insertion
    • Compatible with VPX IP Video Management Software with browser interface
    • Four products in one:    – Point to Point : KM extender up to 390 ft.
      – Distribution : 1 x TX to 65K x RX
      – Switching : 256 x TX to 1 x RX
      – Matrix : 256 x TX, 65K total TX/RX
Audio Analog audio - 3.5mm stereo; Digital audio - Toslink SPDIF - Dolby True HD, Dolby DTS-HD
Matrix Switcher
Input Signal Type(s) 1x HDMI w/ lock thread
Output Signal Type(s) RJ45 w indicators; SFP option slot; 1 x USB type B (2.0 Keyboard/Mouse only)
Supported Distance 120M CAT and up to 60KM Fiber
Supported Resolutions 480i to 4K30 4:4:4 and 4K60 4:2:0 (converted to 4K30)
Compliance HDCP 2.2
RS-232 1x 3 pin phoenix
IR Extension 3.5mm 38-56 kHz
Power Supply 5VDC
Operating Temperature 0 - 55 C operating
Storage Temperature -20 to 85 C
Relative Humidity max. 95% NCH
MTBF 50,000 hours
Rack Mounting Option Standard 19 inch rack-mountable design
Rack Mounting Option Standard 19 inch rack-mountable design
Warranty Limited Warranty (5-Years)
1.0 01-31-2019 Download 5.4 MB

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