Purelink is exciting to introduce the new PM series fiber optic extension system called PM-FT101-RF and PM-FR101-RF, a part of new PM series extender catagory. PM-FT101-RF and PM-FR101-RF are a transmitter and receiver set for long distance transmission of video, audio and control signal over fiber optic cable. PM-FT101-RF and PM-FR101-RF are designed to transmit and receive video (DVI, HDMI or VGA), audio (Embedded or analog stereo audio), control (RS232/422 and IR) over a pure two strand fiber optic cable for long distance up to 6,600ft. This optical connection enables to minimize electrical noise and EMI free that is ideal for long distance extension of high definition HDMI/DVI or VGA video signal, HDMI embedded audio or 3.5mm stereo analog audio, and control signal. Because transmission of content is greatly secure and immune to outside interference, fiber optic extension systems are favored in government, military, school and medical environment.

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Fiber optical cabling between Transmitter and Receiver
Type / Number of fiber  2 Strand fiber optic cable, 50/125 µm or 62.5/125 µm multimode & singlemode
Connector 2 Female LC connectors
Operating distance                 Up to 6,600 ft ( 2000m ) singlemode / up to 1,650 ft ( 500m ) multimode

NOTE: Operating distance is approximate. This is a typical distance. The maximum distance may be greater than these typical numbers depending on factors such as fiber type, bandwidth, connector splicing, losss, bend radius and environmental factors.
Nominal peak wavelength 850 nm (Multimode) 1310nm (Singlemode)
Transmission power  
 Singlemode -5 dBm, typical
 Multimode -5 dBM, typical
Maximum receiver sensitivity  
 Singlemode -17 dBm, typical
 Multimode -11 dBm, typical 
Optical loss budget  
 Singlemode 12 dB, Max
 Multimode 8 dB, Max
Maximum Channel Data Rate 3.40 Gbps per color
Pixel clock 165 MHzz 
Supported resolution Up to 1920 x 1200 / 1080p @ 60Hz single link / 4K2K (Optional) 
/ 3D (up to 6,600ft) Singlemode
Up to 1920 x 1200 / 1080p @ 60Hz single link / 4K2K (Optional) 
/ 3D (up to 1,650ft) Multimode
Formats RGB & YCbCr digital 
Standard DVI 1.0, HDMI 1.4 
HDCP support Yes 
Connector 3.5mm Mini Jack Stereo Audio 
Gain Unbalanced output: 0 dB, Balanced output +5 dB
Frequency response 20Hz, ±0.05dB
Impedance >10K ohms(input) 50ohms (unbalanced output) 100 ohms (balanced output)
Nominal level -9dBV
Maximum level +6 dBV (Unbalanced, input), > ±16 dBu (balanced output)
Video connector - Transmitter & Receiver
Signal Type Single link HDMI, HDMI loop-out
Connector Female HDMI (2)
Control - external device (Pass-thru, bidirectional)
Serial control port   
  Transmitter 3 Female Phoenix connector, (Tx, Ground, Rx)
  Receiver 3 Female Phoenix connector, (Tx, Ground, Rx)
Baud rates Support up to 115200
General Information
Power supply External adapter - Input: 100-240 VAC, 50-60 Hz, Output: 12VDC, 4.1A, 13 W, max 

NOTE: Both transmitter and receiver extender need to be powered locally by provided external power supply adapter.
Power consumption  
 Tramsmitter 7 watts
 Receiver 7 watts  
Cooling Convection
Mounting Mounting ears for ceiling and in-wall installation
Dimension 6.3' (w) x 4.' (d) x 1.7' (h)
Weight 1.77 lbs per receiver, 1.77 lbs per transmitter

NOTE: All nominal levels are at ± 9%

NOTE: Specifications are subject to change with or without notice.