The HDTools™ PS-6300S is an all-in-one,  high-performance presentation switcher featuring a built-in scaling engine for up/downscaling of any video signal, as well as PIP (picture-in-picture) technology, allowing any two video sources to be shown on one display. Together with PureLink’s Don’t Blink™ Seamless Switching Technology at every output, as well as user-friendly configuration and operation, the PS-6300S provides full flexibility and convenience in any multimedia presentation environment.

Key Features
    • All-in-one device – matrix switcher, scaler, analog to digital converter, amplifier, and audio DSP
    • Auto-scaling with Don’t Blink™ Seamless Switching Technology
    • PIP Image Insertion Technology
    • Advanced EDID management
    • RS-232/LAN control
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